Check In


In order to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for our guests, we kindly request every guest to comply with the following house regulations (hereinafter referred to as “the Rules”) based on Article 10 of the Terms and Conditions of Accommodation Contracts. Should any guest fail to observe the Rules, we reserve the right to refuse to allow him / her to stay at our hotel or use its facilities (stipulated in Article 1).


The Rules shall apply to all hotel guests using any facilities inside our hotel (including guest rooms, restaurant, lobby lounge, building site and any other facilities, hereinafter collectively referred to as “the hotel facilities”). In addition to the Rules applying to hotel guests (hereinafter referred to as “the Guest”), the Terms and Conditions of Accommodation Contracts set forth by our hotel shall also apply.


1. If an article that a guest deposits with the hotel is lost or damaged, the hotel will compensate for the damage unless it resulted from unavoidable reasons. Cash or other valuables can be stored in a safe deposit box available in a guest room at the guest’s own risk. Please make sure the safe deposit box is locked when in use. The hotel will only compensate for the loss or damage resulted from a willful act or a fault of the hotel. Even if the hotel is to compensate, it will not pay more than 200,000 yen.
2. The hotel will not be liable for any loss of or damage to an article brought by the guest and not deposited with the hotel, unless the loss or damage resulted from a willful act or a fault of the hotel. Even if the hotel is to compensate, it will not pay more than 200,000 yen for damages on an article.


1. Payment of all hotel services may be in cash, credit card, traveler’s cheques, and coupons accepted by the hotel. However, when bills are presented for payment they must be settled immediately.
2. The hotel reserves the right to request the accommodation fee upon checking-in. Should guests wish to change the length of their stay, guests can contact the reception desk beforehand. Guests are required to pay the extension fee along with any bills charged to the room at the time of check out.
3. You are requested to show your room key and keycard case to hotel personnel when signing for services offered by the restaurant or when requesting the use of special hotel facilities.
4. With the exception of traveler’s cheque, no cheques (including personal cheque) will be accepted for payment or changed into currency.


1. Please do not bring onto the premises of the hotel any of the following: A) Animals (with the exception of guide dogs) or birds or any kind of pets. B ) Gunpowder, oils or other explosives or inflammables. C) Objects emitting a strong or foul odor. D) Illegally owned guns, swords and knives, drugs or any substance or article whose possession and / or use is prohibited by Japanese law. E ) Objects of an unusually large size or in unusually large quantities. 2. Gambling or other acts which are contrary to good morals or which cause an annoyance are strictly prohibited.
3. Without the hotel’s prior permission, guests may not use hotel facilities for any other activity aside from uses intended by the hotel.
4. The distribution or display of advertisements and sale of goods on the hotel’s premises is prohibited without prior authorization from the hotel.
5. Guests are reminded that unauthorized publication of photographs and videos, including on SNS, taken on the premises of The Hotel for business purposes is prohibited. Parties failing to adhere to this regulation may be subject to legal action.
6. Except in emergency situations, please refrain from entering any areas where guests and visitors are not permitted.
7. Except with the specific consent of either their parents or guardians, minors are not permitted to stay at this hotel unaccompanied.
8. Please do not leave your belongings in the hallway or lobby.
9. Ordering food from outside of our hotel is not allowed.
10. Please refrain from hanging objects on the windows, displaying articles on the windows, and other behaviors that may adversely affect the external appearance of our hotel.


1. Gan groups (here in after referred to as “gang group”) stipulated in Item 2, Article 2 and members of gang group (hereinafter referred to as “gang members”) stipulated in Item 6, Article 2 of the Act on the Prevention of Unjust Acts by Gang Group Members (Act No. 77 of 1991), gang group semi-regular members, gang member related persons, or other anti-social forces.
2. When gang group or gang members are associates of corporations or other bodies to control business activities.
3. In a corporate body which has persons relevant to gang groups or gang members in its board member.
4. When any violence, injuries, intimidation, threats, unreasonable authoritarian demands or other similar actions are made.


1. This entire building is non-smoking, except in the designated smoking lounge behind the lobby on the 1st floor.
2. Should a guest proceed to smoke in a non-smoking guest room, special room cleaning fee will be applied to your final bill.
3. The special room cleaning fee will be charged based on the total amount lost for not being able to sell the room due to damages caused.
4. Should a guest smoke in a non-smoking area, the guest will compensate the hotel for the amount of the damages caused.


1. Guests will be charged, to the equivalent value, when the building, furniture, equipment, and / or other articles belonging to the hotel are damaged, lost or contaminated by reasons other than inevitability.
2. Please note that a service surcharge is added to all outside telephone calls made from your room.


As of October 1, 2018, accommodation tax is levied to the guests staying in all hotels located in Kyoto City including Cross Hotel Kyoto.

Accommodation fee per person per night Tax
Under 20,000 yen 200 yen
Over 20,000 yen to 49,999 yen 500 yen
Over 50,000 yen 1,000 yen

*Accommodation tax applies to room charges only. Any charges incurred for meals, entertainment, or other services are not subject to this tax.
*Students and conductors who are visiting the hotel for a school trip and other school related activities are exempt from this tax.


At Cross Hotel Kyoto, we aim to preserve nature for future generations to enjoy, and make the following efforts:
1. We ask guests when possible to reuse sheets and towels in order to reduce laundry water and contamination of water.
2. Energy-management program
3. Reduction of toilet paper waste