TOKYO, Japan – July 22, 2020 – ORIX Hotel Management Corporation (“ORIX Hotel Management”) announced that Cross Hotel Osaka will be recommencing operation on August 1, 2020.

The recommencement of operation is being carried out under the “With COVID-19 – Management and Service Policy” and guidelines formulated by ORIX Hotel Management which are based on the “New Lifestyle” announced by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as well as guidelines by industry groups such as the guidelines on dealing with COVID-19 for the hospitality industry. In addition, the hotel will work on establishing a system so as to be able to welcome guests in a fully prepared state, such as procuring and installing the necessary items based on the new policy as well as implementing new staff training to make sure all our operation members understand and abide by the new policy, rules and guidelines.

Going forward, Cross Hotel Osaka will continue to cooperate with local communities and strive to provide high quality service and proper hygiene management so that guests can use the hotel with peace of mind.

* “With COVID-19 – Management and Service Policy” and guidelines can be found at the official website of ORIX HOTELS&RESORTS (; in Japanese only).

– Terrace & Dining Zero is serving breakfast only until further notice and reservations in advance are required for all guests.
– Western Breakfast Set will be offered and served at each table while further announcement will be posted on the official website ( when the date is decided to resume breakfast buffet.
– Some services may differ from our previous ones and will be subject to timely adjustments based on the latest directions from the national and local authorities.