What determines your choice of hotel? Is it the local, ambience, cost, proximity to famous places? Have you thought about sustainability?

If so, you may want to check out the Cross Hotel Sapporo because of our sustainable practices.

They are not just limited to reducing plastic usage. We are employing various approaches to reach our common goal of sustainability.

For example, local production for local consumption; the ingredients used in our restaurants, as well as the supplies, decorations, and amenities in our guest rooms, are made in Hokkaido to the greatest extent possible, creating a space where our guests can experience the best of Hokkaido.

We have also been connecting and growing with local people in order to build a sustainable community. These are the reasons why this hotel is unlike any other hotel because its visitors can always expect new surprises and encounters.

Let us share some of the inspiring projects we are working on.


Supporting Local Artists

Hokkaido’s magnificent nature, refreshing climate, unique culture, and relaxing atmosphere attract many artists who are inspired to create unique artworks.

The Cross Hotel Sapporo supports Hokkaido-based artists by promoting, selling and using their great art, which also contributes to uniting our community and revitalizing the local economy.

You can encounter various items of art, such as pictures, furniture, and small crafts artistically displayed everywhere in our hotel. We are sure you will enjoy discovering these works. You may even purchase some of them if one catches your eye.

We also hold events in collaboration with local artists. One of the events, in which local artists exhibit some hotel rooms and sell their artworks, has been a resounding success each year.

Staying at this hotel will greatly support local artists.


Making Sapporo a Jazz City

Did you know that Sapporo is a city of jazz? Sapporo holds a variety of jazz events throughout the year.

Sapporo City Jazz, one of most famous music events, started in 2007, the same year Cross Hotel Sapporo opened its doors to guests. Since then, we had offered our hotel’s front yard as one of the stages of the event until 2019. Our support for the event now continues in a different way, using jazz as background music in the hotel and as an accommodation for musicians visiting Sapporo.

We are working with the local community to create a new music culture to further cement Sapporo’s reputation as a jazz city.


Creating walking tours with locals

Have you ever joined a walking tour on your trip? It offers you a very private and special experience that brings you much closer to the city you are visiting. The locals greatly appreciate it if tourists go out and engage with them and contribute to the economy, instead of just staying in their hotels.

The Cross Hotel Sapporo started a foodie tour called “One Mile Food Tour” with experienced local guides last year. The informative guide takes you to three locally-loved small restaurants or bars within a one-mile radius of our hotel while enjoying one drink and one small dish at each place.

We are also preparing other walking tours with local guides such as visiting nearby fish market to soak up the local delicacies, history and culture, or walking around Botanic Garden of Hokkaido University to feel and learn the nature. The tours will offer guests a different perspective of Sapporo!

Keep your eye out for our coming blogs for more information on these tours.


Why don’t you include sustainability in your check list when choosing a hotel?

We can’t wait for you to see what the Cross Hotel Sapporo has to offer.

Come and see Sapporo at its finest!

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