The Cross Hotel Sapporo offers original Hokkaido accommodation packages that are only available here on our official website. We have collaborated with locals to plan activities and packages that allow guests to immerse themselves in the unique qualities and cultural richness of Hokkaido. You can’t find these packages on other booking sites, so don’t miss out!

Here are 4 accommodation packages we highly recommend.


1. Self-guided “One Mile Trip Tour” (Accommodation Package)

Stroll around and explore the lively area of Sapporo in detail at your own pace with our unique map. If you book this special accommodation package, you will receive an original map and two 500-yen vouchers (1,000 yen in total). The map shows the stylish and atmospheric shops selected by our hotel staff members. The shops are located within one mile of our hotel, so you can easily go to some hidden places you would not find in usual guidebooks. The voucher can be used at any of the shops indicated on the map. Book now and enjoy Sapporo like a native.

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2.Hokkaido Wine Package

Do you take pleasure in drinking wine after a long day?  If so, why don’t you try the snack and wine package available only at our hotel?

Hokkaido is one of Japan’s leading grape and wine producing regions. The wines produced in our region can rival the best in the world.

A bottle of Hokkaido wine and two kinds of snacks that go well with it will be prepared right in the comfort of your room. The wine is carefully curated by our wine experts and purchased directly from the best wineries in the region. One of our special rooms will be reserved for you, where you can feel the warmth of the wooden elements incorporated into the design as well as appreciate the artwork done by the local artists.

Allow us to help you unwind with a good wine right here at our hotel. 

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3.Local Cosmetics Package

Be the best version of yourself while traveling.

Many cosmetics companies have set up in Hokkaido due to its abundance of the finest natural resources.

Our hotel has partnered with ICOR for its amenities package. ICOR is a popular skincare brand which is produced in a nearby factory. They make use of only natural ingredients found only in Hokkaido such as spring water from Mt. Yotei in Niseko and pure sake and sake lees from an established sake brewery.

You can choose one of these items: moisturizing facial mist toner, cleansing oil, lip and eye nourishing treatment serum, or hand cream. We believe that using only the finest natural ingredients brings out our best features.

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4.Good Night Sleep Package

When was the last time you slept like a log?

For many, sleep is a luxury that is tied to our health and wellbeing. What better way to end a long day than sleeping in a nice and comfortable environment.  That’s why many travelers look for hotels that can offer a relaxing and restful sleep.

At the Cross Hotel Sapporo, we have a special room that features a moisture wicking wool mattress pad, a warm and functional camel hair pillow, and cozy bed coverings. These are the best combinations, according to Mr. Shunsuke Akita, a sleep improvement instructor. To ensure a good night’s rest, the room also has Hokkaido herb tea and essential oils for a sound sleep. 

Only one “Good Night Sleep Room” on a high floor is available per day. Secure your booking now!

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