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Since Sapporo serves as a gateway to the island of Hokkaido, it is likely to appear first when planning a trip there. Sapporo has a reputation for being a great place to eat and drink, as well as to enjoy the outdoors.

New businesses, eateries, tourist spots and activities are booming due to the increase of visitors and tourists all over the world. There is now a plethora of options available so it can be challenging to select the best one. You might miss out on something enticing and exciting …

Let the Cross Hotel Sapporo assist you! We’ve handpicked tours that will show you a different side of Sapporo and come highly recommended.

One Mile Food Tour

The cuisine of Sapporo is legendary. Let’s go on a tour around Sapporo with a local expert while sampling and savoring some of the city’s best food and drinks.

The guide will take you to three well-loved restaurants and/or bars within a one-mile radius of our hotel where you can enjoy a drink and a small dish at each restaurant. With our native guide, you can go to hidden places where tourists would not normally visit. Enjoy a deeply fulfilling night in an old town of Sapporo.

For more information & inquiries, please send an email to us at: xhotel_sapporo@x-hotel.jp

Visit the tour website: https://www.crosshotel.com/sapporo/archives/4848 (Only Japanese)

Guided Nijo Market Morning Walking Tour

Add some flair to your Sapporo morning.

Take a morning walking tour of Nijo Market in Sapporo’s old town and learn about the area’s history while also enjoying the town’s unique culture.

The tour begins at the Cross Hotel Sapporo and takes you through the iconic Odori Park on the way to the Hokkaido Shrine Tongu. The shrine has strong ties to the local community and is also well-known for its spiritual aura.

After awakening to the sounds of nature, head to the 100-year-old Nijo Fish Market for a breakfast of fresh seafood over rice.

Immerse yourself in the local culture by strolling through Nijo market, and then enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee at a local specialty coffee shop, Kotobuki Coffee. The coffee hand-brewed by a native coffee artisan has a special flavor you might have never tasted before.

Tour will end after 2.5 hours and you have the option to return to the hotel with your guide or continue strolling through the market once you leave your guide.


For more information & Inquiry: Ezosika Travel

Contact: https://www.ezosika.co.jp/contact/

Website: https://www.ezosika.co.jp/adventure/nijyoichibamorningtour/ 


Nature Programs and Activities in and around Sapporo

Discover the natural beauty of Sapporo!

Sapporo is a bustling city yet nature is just close by. How about adding exciting nature tours to your trip? No need to bring anything!


  • Horseback Riding Experience in Sapporo

Did you know that there is a cowboy town at the foot of Mt. Hakken, a mysterious shaped mountain, in Minami Ward, Sapporo?

Learn and practice basic riding skills and explore the surrounding area at your convenience and according to your level of experience.

Recommended for families, couples, and those who want to do some serious horseback riding on their own.

Live out your cowboy dreams and experience horseback riding!

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  • Guided Mountain Bike Tour (half-day)

Why don’t you enjoy a pleasant bike ride and soak in the nature of Hokkaido?

Our experienced guides will take you around Jozankei area which is about 40-minute drive from downtown Sapporo. 

This tour is also suitable for beginners. Our guides will explain the basics of riding a mountain ride as well as point out areas of interest. Price includes lunch and hot spring bathing.

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  • Clear Kayaking at Lake Shikotsu

Lake Shikotsu prides itself as the being the clearest lake in Japan. The calm water surface on a fine day is like a mirror reflecting the beautiful sceneries of each season. Since the bottom of the kayak is transparent, you can see the lake bottom and be fascinated with the art created by the sunlight and lake’s water.

Let’s go paddling and enjoy the magnificent nature of Shikotsu Toya National Park.

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  • ATV (4-wheel buggy) Tour

Wonderland Sapporo is an outdoor activity resort surrounded by lush nature and is only a 20-minute drive from Sapporo City.

The ATV experience begins with a practice drive on a flat surface before going to the course. A guide will accompany each group of guests as they explore the nature.

Enjoy the wild off-road course amidst the stunning scenery of the forest!

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  • River Canoeing in Jozankei

Jozankei is a famous hot spring resort surrounded by valleys and lush forests. The sight of deep green in summer and golden and vermilion in autumn is breathtaking. Canoeing is the best way to commune with nature at every season.

Experience the relaxing beauty and be rejuvenated as you ride down the canoe along the river.

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For nature programs and activities, please contact “Hokkaido Experience(北海道体験)” for more information. Numerous other programs are available.

Hokkaido Experience official website: https://h-takarajima.com/ (Japanese only)


Unfortunately, most websites are written in Japanese. However, inquiries can be made in English, so please feel free to contact each company if you are interested in any of the tours.


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