Here, we introduce sightseeing spots and information on facilities located near Cross Hotel Sapporo.

Recommended sightseeing spots

Souvenirs / Leisure activities

Odori Park to Sapporo TV Tower

■ About 6 minutes on foot
If the weather permits, you can enjoy Sapporo’s famous corn while taking a break on the grass.
Climb to the observation deck of the TV tower and enjoy the 360° panoramic view.

Sapporo Moiwayama / Moiwayama Ropeway

■ About 35 minutes by car from the hotel
Head to the summit on the Morris Car, the world’s first mini-cable car, and the ropeway.
The summit, at 531 meters above sea level, offers a breathtaking view of one of the New Three Major Night Views of Japan.

Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill

■ About 35 minutes by car from the hotel
This park features a statue of Dr. William S. Clark, who is famous for the quote, “Boys, be ambitious,” as well as picturesque scenery of expansive grasslands with grazing sheep, a quintessential sight of Hokkaido. The park also has restaurants and souvenir shops.

Sapporo Beer Garden

■ About 20 minutes on foot
Take the Toho Line from Sapporo to Higashikuyakusho-Mae Station, and walk for about 11 minutes.
The history of Sapporo beer is explained using a giant whirlpool and three-dimensional models.
After the tour, visitors can taste three types of beer, and can even enjoy the Hokkaido specialty “Genghis Khan,” a dish with grilled mutton and vegetables.

Nijo Market

■ About 12 minutes on foot
The history of Nijo Market goes back over 100 years to the early years of the Meiji period, when the fishermen of the shores of Ishikarihama began selling fresh fish in the area. After over a century, local residents continue to frequent this market. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, tourists also flock to this market in search of Hokkaido crabs and scallops.

Shiroi Koibito Park

■ About 25 minutes by car from the hotel
Visitors can take a tour of the factory that makes Shiroi Koibito, the famous confection originating in Sapporo, and try their hand at making the sweets. Visitors can also enjoy the rose garden outside of the building in the summer.

Culture and arts

Sapporo Clock Tower

■ About 2 minutes on foot
This historic building has marked the passage of time right in the heart of Sapporo.
Listen to the bell toll from the clock tower that has watched over the city for over 120 years.
It is also a popular spot for commemorative photos.

Hokkaido Government Office Building

■ About 5 minutes on foot
This brick building is popularly known by its nickname, the Red Brick Building.
Documents tracing the history of Hokkaido are on display.
Both the impressively beautiful exterior and the admission-free interior are must-see sights.