We offer rooms that will cater to your every need, so you can enjoy your stay just the way you want.

Cross Floor

These rooms come with fresh, special blend coffee that you can grind and brew yourself, as well as a welcome drink.
We offer high-quality service and heartfelt hospitality.
Enjoy an exceptional lodging experience with Hokkaido-style quality.

Deluxe suite: Cross Hip

This suite that is only one room in this hotel, features an electrifying design and a bathroom with a view of the Sapporo cityscape. There’s no better way to enjoy our hotel and this city.
We recommend this suite for surprises or other arrangements you would like us to make for your special anniversary.


These guest rooms offer space that is over 35 sqm and you can feel a vast nature of Hokkaido in a big city like Sapporo.
Enjoy the freshly ground coffee with a mill and French press in your room.
Perfect for extended stays where you can relax and feel your home for a while.


You can choose your room from three color styles: Urban style with its stylish and functional design, Natural style with the warmth and soft tones of wood, or Hip style with the fashionable design. Perfect for your anniversary or any special occasions.

Standard Floor

Each room has various artworks created by artists in Hokkaido.
Enjoy our New Art Room.


We offer a variety of rooms(23-35sqm) to cater to your every need, including the Urban Room with its stylish and functional design, the Grande Room with a separate washroom, bath, and toilet, and the Convertible Room with a separate bedroom and living room, which also features a bathroom with a view of the city.
The Deluxe Twin, with a sofa bed to accommodate a maximum of four guests, as well as the spacious Hollywood Twin are both ideal for family stays.


Complete with a 180 cm-wide king size bed, this 23 m2 room features plenty of living space.
There is an available type: Hip Style.
We’ve prepared bathroom amenities by Mikimoto and the French brand Ella Baché that contain natural amino acids with excellent skin-moisturizing effects.


This room features functional spatial design with a 160 cm-wide queen size bed and a spacious living space.
The shower booth is equipped with a rainfall showerhead, which has great relaxation effects.

Color styles

Three color styles that merge refinement with comfort, and functionality with design.

Urban style

The color tones are coordinated with simple and subdued ecru and the chic accents of dark wood.

Natural style

This vibrant color style features the warmth and soft tones of wood, reminiscent of the Hokkaido’s lush natural environment.

Hip style

The fashionable design exhibited by this color scheme fills the room with a refreshing atmosphere.


Start the day off with breakfast at Hache.
We offer a vegetable menu prepared by our chef, who is also a vegetable sommelier, as well as a Western food menu.
In addition, we offer a local food menu that features staple Hokkaido cuisine, as well as milk, yogurt, and bread from a popular bakery in Sapporo. You can choose from Western-style and Japanesestyle breakfast.
It is the perfect way to start your day.


In Sapporo, various unique styles, scenes, and ideas converge.
Encounter a new world in a hotel that meets all your needs with refined functionality and service.



Check-in: 3 p.m.
Check-out: 11 a.m.
* Some lodging plans have different check-in and check-out times.

Baby beds

Baby beds are available for children who are 24 months or younger for 2,200 yen (tax included) per stay.
Available numbers are limited, so please contact us in advance.