This suite that is only one room in this hotel, features an electrifying design and a bathroom with a view of the Sapporo cityscape. There’s no better way to enjoy our hotel and this city.
We recommend this suite for surprises or other arrangements you would like us to make for your special anniversary.
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Hip style

Deluxe suite: Cross Hip

  • Color: Hip style
  • Maximum capacity: 1 or 2 guests
  • Bed size: 200 cm (1 bed)
  • Room size: 44 sqm
  • Bath type: Bathroom with a view of the city
    * The washroom, toilet, and bath are separated.
    * The washroom has two side-by-side washbasins, giving you plenty of space.
    * Please note. The photograph is an image.


  • Original nightwear (two-piece)
  • Deodorizationspray for clothes and air
  • Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel
  • Hand towels, bath towels, slippers, bath washcloths
  • Coffee and tea (free)

  • -Cross Floor Benefits-
  • ・Welcome Drink and Sweets
  • ・Bathrobe
  • ・A mill and French press to enjoy the freshly ground coffee beans of CROSS HOTEL Sapporo’s original blend.
  • ※The assortment contents may vary depending on availability.

Facilities and furnishings

  • High-speed WiFi connection (free)
  • Wall-mounted 57-inch LCD TV
  • smart TV*
  • Refrigerator (40 L)
  • Walk-in closet
  • Raised counter
  • Simmons 7.5-inch spec, duvet (down quilt), double pillow
  • Jacob Jensen telephone, hair dryer
  • Safety deposit box, clock, air purifier with humidifying function
  • Electric kettle, Bluetooth-compatible active speakers

  • *The smart TV provides digital access to a wide range of Broadcasting Satellite programs, YouTube, movies and music channels for you to freely enjoy. All of the options are easily accessible from the TV screen. Our smart TVs offer a variety of options to domestic and foreigh news programs and TV shows as well.